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News & Conditions

15 March 2017

All trails have been freshly groomed except for Hemlock and Horse Collar!! Conditions are pretty decent in light of the rain and mild weather of the past few weeks. This snow has extended our ski season for a while longer!

14 February 2017

All trails have been groomed and are in fantastic condition!

28 January 2017

All trails are groomed! We could use some more snow in a few spots due to the warmish weather we've had this past week, but overall the trails are in great condition! The net few days promise a c0oling trend.

26 Januaty 2017

Chicadee, Footloose, Red Pine Loop and Hemlock were groomed after the snowfall today. Trail conditions look great! Light flurries for the next few days should maintain a predictable track.

11 January 2017

The Red Pine and Hemlock loops have just been cleared of all large debris, and groomed. There are still quite a few tiny branches out on the trails, and we could use some fresh snow, but the trails are skiable!

All trails are now cleared except the short Horse Collar trail. 

Thanks again to all of the volunteers that helped clean the trails after the ice and wind!

6 January 2017

Chickadee and Footloose were cleared and groomed tonight. 

Chickadee, Footloose, and Snow Bunting are groomed. Red Pine loop and Hemlock still need to be cleared following the icy/snowy weather earlier in the week.

Be careful when skiing, and keep an eye out for downed trees from the ice, snow and wind.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who have helped reopen the trails over the past few days!

5 January 2017: 
Aftermath of the ice storm - A HUGE THANK YOU to Clint Lefebvre and Antwan Patrick for their help opening up the Snow Bunting trail after  this crazy weather!

There will still be lots of debris down on the other trails, but Snow Bunting is groomed and ready to ski. Please be careful on the other trails, and ski safe! 

If you're looking for some extra exercise while you're out skiing, feel free to throw some branches off the trail along the way!

You can report your findings to info@madawaskanordic,org

1 January 2017:

Jarrod groomed the trails this morning after the large dumping of snow yesterday! Trail conditions are AMAZING! Get out and ski! 

17 December 2016:

All Nordic trails have been groomed!! We could still use some more snow, but conditions are good for early season skiing! Thanks to Eric Fletcher and Clint Lefebvre for their efforts grooming today! 

15 December 2016:

All trails except the Hemlock Loop have been cleared of trees, and packed down with the sled. Chickadee, Footloose, and all of Red Pine have been groomed. There is still the odd exposed rock, but the conditions are decent. A little more snow will definitely help. Snow Bunting, and Horse Collar need more snow before we track set.

Thanks to Deb Clouthier and her group for doing some early scouting and clearing, and Clint Lefebvre for helping out with the grooming tonight!

We are still looking for volunteers to help out, so if you can offer up any time to help groom, please let us know!!

Note season passes may also be bought at the new Calabogie General Store (formerly Munfords).

5 November 2016: 

Stay tuned for developments.
Madawaska Nordic is in desperate need of grooming volunteers this winter. We are down to one person grooming, and need more hands. If you can volunteer any time to help keep these trails in skiing condition, please contact Jarrod, or the Township of Greater Madawaska.
Madawaska Nordic Trail System
Condition report


About Us:

SampleA unique partnership between volunteer ski enthusiasts and the Township of Greater Madawaska. Working under the Township’s Recreation Department, Madawaska Nordic is staffed entirely by volunteers who are responsible for development, maintenance and grooming of cross-country ski trails within the Township.

Funding was provided by grants from the Province of Ontario’s Communities In Action (Active 2010) and the Trillium Foundation which has enabled the club to purchase state-of-the-art grooming and track-setting equipment along with a Skandic super wide track snowmobile.

The Township's Madawaska Nordic Trail System is supported by a number of volunteers and local businesses. 

Calabogie Peaks covers the Land Use Permit for the Crown Land on which our trail system is built. If you are like many of our members who both cross country and down hill ski, please visit www.calabogie.com to learn more about downhill skiing in the Township of Greater Madawaska. Calabogie Peaks also rents cross country skis.



The Madawaska Nordic trails, which were at one time old logging roads, wind their way through a very picturesque forest landscape with lots of gentle ups and downs to keep the outing visually interesting and lots of fun.

The trails are not patrolled, so please ski, hike or bike with a partner for your safety.


The trails are l well marked and colour coded for level of difficulty: green for easy, blue for moderate and red for difficult. For the most part, the Madawaska Nordic trails are ‘Green’ (Easy) trails with some ‘Blue’ (Moderate) and ‘Red’ (difficult) sections and are suitable for skiers of all levels.

From the trailhead, all skiers begin their outing on the Red Pine trail that takes them 1 km slowly uphill to where it intersects with the local snowmobile trail. At the Crossroads, skiers then have the choice of continuing on Red Pine or taking any of the other trails that branch off Red Pine - Chickadee, Footloose, Horse Collar and Hemlock. The Snow Bunting loop branches off Horse Collar.  Click map









We now have a 2.5 km snowshoe loop, which runs from the parking lot along the Red Pine ascent, and up onto the


 Ridgeline trail and back. The trail begins approximately 100m from the parking lot just after the first left-hand bend. To preserve the groomed ski tracks, please walk on the right-hand side of the trail. The snowshoe loop crosses the ski track twice, so please watch for skiers when crossing. See heavy trace on map. Click map.

Hiking and Cycling

In the spring, summer and fall, the trails are open to pedestrians and cyclists. The trails offer mountain biking for all levels of cyclists, and are marked with arrows that reflect the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) levels of difficulty. Cyclists can expect rolling and punchy double-track great for beginners and seasoned riders alike on the Nordic ski trails. The limited single track offers rocky and rooty sections that will test even advanced riders.

Visit mtbproject.com and search Madawaska Nordic for mountain biking trails maps.

Return distances to the trailhead are indicated below:

Red Pine – 6km

Snow Bunting – 6 km

Chickadee/Footloose – 5 km

Horsecollar/Chickadee - 3 km

Crossroads – 2 km

Hemlock -  4 km

DAILY USE: $2.00 PER DAY per user may be placed in a collection box at the trail head
Bill Giff, Scott Timlin, Lorne Watters, Hugh Bacon
. In addition donations are graciously received for improving the trail network.

SEASON PASS: Adults $20; Teen $10; Child $5 
Seasons Passes can be purchased at The Township Municipal Offices in Calabogie
 (19 Parnell Street, PO Box 180, Calabogie, ON, K0J 1H0 613-752-2222) or by contacting us at info@madawaskanordic.org.

Cross-country skis, boots and poles can be rented at the Calabogie Peaks Resort ski lodge for only $19. http://calabogie.com/ski-tickets-pass/rentals.html


Bill Giff, Lorne Watters, Scott TImlin and Hugh Bacon

The Madawaska Nordic Trails are located west of Calabogie near the Calabogie Peaks Ski Resort. To find the trailhead, travel 7 km west from the intersection of Highways 508 and 511 in Calabogie to Viewmount Drive. Turn right on Viewmount and take the next right onto Crestview where you will find parking on Crestview at the trailhead.

Peter Westlund, John Parnell and Dorie Westlund


The Madawaska Nordic Ski Club can be contacted by e-mailing info@madawaskanordic.org. We also appreciate receiving information about trail conditions and/or hazards.

We are also on Facebook!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – We are always looking for new faces to sit on the committee or to help with trail maintenance! If you are interested in volunteering your time to help us keep these beautiful trails available for all, please contact us today!


The Township of Greater Madawaska greatermadawaska.com

County of Renfrew countryofrenfrew.on.ca

Calabogie Peaks Resort calabogie.com

Cabalogie and Area Business Association (CABA) ottawavalley.travel


Trail Enhancements

The 33rd Combat Engineers Reserves, based in Ottawa, along with committee volunteers, dedicated an entire weekend to trail clearing, brush back and bridge building.  In two days of heavy labour, the Hemlock Trail and the Lookout Trail were completed. We owe these men and women a tremendous thank you. Their work brought to completion about 3 years of trail scouting by Madawaska Nordic volunteers.

It took a few additional volunteer days, including a non-skier with an ATV to drags logs, to grade selected sections with pick axe and shovel to handle the groomer and track setter. In addition the Nordic volunteers were able to complete the link trails between Horsecollar and Chickadee and the Snow Bunting Loop. This was also a community effort with assistance provided by the Councilor Pratt, the Township, the County, Calabogie Peaks and the loan of an ATV for the military and the use of a portable saw mill to provide a first rate Nordic Trail system for our Community and Visitors.

You will notice that new trail signs, which have been made by one of our volunteers, are going up on the trails this season.

The trail system is now complete but we will continue to maintain and upgrade the quality of the trails. To date, we have spent over $2,500 dollars of user fees on bulldozer time, culverts, signs etc. This is in addition to buying gas for the snowmobile and putting money aside for future equipment maintenance and eventual replacement as our ongoing operations are not subsidized by any levels of government.

Feedback from users has been 100% positive. We can now offer about 18km. of trails. Thank you to all who have worked so very hard to make this happen and to you the skiers who helped us; "a Twoonie at a Time"

John Parnell and Dorie Westlund, commemmorating Peter Westlund who pioneered some of the trails.


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